Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Kindergarten, Really??

 I can't believe my baby is in kindergarten!! Here is his breakfast of champs! Cereal and waffle.
 I couldn't stop crying that day.  I drove past his school later in the day and totally burst into tears. I mean, he's been going to daycare his whole life...why is this so different??
 Such a handsome fellow!!
 Kaleb and Chase getting ready to start the first day. Chase was just as excited as Kaleb. He was disappointed when I later took him to his same school. He wanted a change like his big brother.
Kaleb and Mrs. Moss. We had not heard of Mrs. Moss before Kaleb was assigned to her, but after asking around we heard only great things! She has an 8 year old boy herself so I know she's prepared to handle my little tornado.

July 2013

 This 4th of July we just spent some family time at the park in Hendersonville. This is the first time we have gone out by ourselves but had a good time and were able to jet out when we felt like it to avoid the terrible traffic.

 Jason and I did the Glow Run with out friends Lauren and Dave. We went out to dinner at the Spegetti Factory first to carb up (haha) and then we got all our "gear" on.  It was a high enery event, but maybe it would have better been called the "Glow Walk". It was so crowded and people were just walking it from the start line. It was crazy!  But it was still fun.
 We got a visit from the Mills too. We went to Circus work and the kids tried everything available and Kaleb tried to skate for the first time.  I thought my arm was going to fall off b/c I walked around and supported him as he tried to skate for about an hour.
 Noella and Nylah are showing off her cute zebra outfits.

 Oh, there are those favorite shoes again!
My superhero!!

Blackmail pictures

 This is Kaleb's swim shirt that he decided to wear as pants
 Then Chase decided he wanted to join in on the fun!
 Chase is VERY particular about his clothes.  He always has to pick out his clothes in the morning, even his underwear. For quite a while, he refused to wear his underwear any way but backwards.  It looked rather uncomfortable to me but he didn't seem to care.
These were Kaleb's favorite shoes...Now Chase share's in the love.

Family Vacation in Florida, June 2013

We went to Florida with our family friends the Karsanacs and the Carrs. We had a blast playing in the sand. I am a Nazi when it comes to the beach, so our family was on the sand as much as possible.

 The boys had Ben to play with who is about 9 months older than Chase. They laughed as they chased the waves, threw sand in the air and laid prone in the surf.
 Father's day fell within the week so we snuck away to give our gifts to Daddy...Ben didn't seem to mind.  He joined us for the event!

The boys love to make cards for people and we love to receive these precious cards too!
 There was plenty of trips to the ice cream store this week. Chase found his new favorite flavor- bubble gum!
 Jason took Kaleb for a special Father-Son breakfast one morning and Kaleb ordered the kids pancake...haha
 We had lots of good breakfast food. This is the vacation that I started drinking coffee everyday. Before this it bothered my stomach and I could only drink it on the weekends. Now I have to have my daily coffee!
 DATE NIGHT! One of the best advantages to vacationing with friends is having friends to hang out with after the kids go to bed and date night! We each took a night to go out. We had dinner at a seafood place and then went to a pavilion with a live band playing.  I must say that living in Nashville has spoiled us in the fact that anywhere you go in Nashville, you are going to have a good band to listen to...not the same in florida but we enjoyed ourselves anyway.
We rented a paddle board for the day which gave us all a good workout, even the kids.

 Here's an icecream picture on Andrew and Ulla's date night. Both Melanie and Ulla were very pregnant this week, so they were pretty tired most of the time.
 More sand fun...ahhhh, can't get enough!!

Soon after our vacation Chase was potty trained. He was ready before but we wanted to get through this long road trip without having to stop every 30 min for Chase. He was really easy to potty train and since then seems to have a bladder of steel!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Summer Fun

 We spent a lot of time at the pool this summer. There was always someone there to play with but it was  never too crowded...perfect!
 Chase loved shooting everyone in the pool but never liked to get squirted himself.
 Chillin' with Ethan.
 Best buds!
 One rainy day they were just itching to get out so they played on the deck, jumping up and down, up and down.
 Then they played with their dump trucks. Chase is really into anything with wheels.
 And he loves tattoos. This was at a friends 2 year old birthday party and Jason got to try out a stache.
 But there is always time for chores.
 This is a succession of how Chase helping me turned out. First one, working hard...
 Wow, this is hard work.
 That's enough! Chase has started saying funny things...One July morning he came running out of the bathroom naked yelling, "I got my naked on!"
 We were so excited for Kaleb this summer. We borrowed a friends trainer board and Kaleb got up on his second try. Then he left me floating in the water for 20 min b/c he was having so much fun and wouldn't fall down!
 He had a blast and was showing off and bouncing around by the end of the day.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Memorial Day Camping Trip

 Love this picture! Chase was pretending to be a bear (see his hands in the air) and of course I was scared for my life. You can see how fast we are moving from the blur.
 Hot dogs and samore's...Can't go wrong!
 This is our second camping trip with Chase.  The first one he spent most of the night crying...This one, he spent most of the night crying.
 But we still have our happy faces on...b/c we got BACON for breakfast! Yum! I just love that I don't have to do the cooking when we go camping.  We used our new stove that my parent got Jason for his birthday.
 They had a great playground area close to the campsite. We also ran into an old co-worker of Jason and I's that was good to see.  It is random how you meet people you know in the woods.
 Daddy's happy campers are now doing a 2 mile hike.
 Brother bonding!
 Wow, this kid got heavy fast!
 Kaleb decided he needed to go #2 while on our hike. We tried to get him to go in the woods but he couldn't do it so Kaleb and I ran the last 1/2 mile back to the trailhead where their were bathrooms.
They were out within 5 min of getting in the car.  We had a great time but it took lots of preparation on our (Jason's) part.  Hopefully now that Chase is potty trained and in a big boy bed (and won't have to use a pack n play in the tent) things will be easier next time.